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Cordless, Rechargeable and Portable.

Dress your lamp, match your interior

see lamps in a different light.

Dress & Match

First Ever Dressable Lamps

Dress your lamps with FunCovers® and match the style of your interior.

Become the director of the atmosphere, in your home or in your office, in your living space

Why You Need a Solariko Lamp

Sockets and electricity are not always available. Now, you can illuminate any place, anywhere, anytime.

Surprise Friends and Guests !

Create a Luxurious Atmosphere

for Power Outages

The Best Gift

2024 Trend, loved by everyone, everywhere.

"Solariko is the brand to go for lamps, love the quality and design, as always you get what you pay"


"Love them, they give the perfect luxury touch to any room"


"The cordless lamp you've been looking for! "


"All my friends want them too now, at least I was the first one to get them..!"


"I use it every day early in the morning and on our dining table, it is do convenient and cool"


"If you have dark spots and no sockets available, these are the lamps you definitely need"


"I just got this beautiful gift from my husband !"


"One of my new favorite home finds !"


"I enjoy even more playing piano now, they are so useful and portable"


"now I can finally read at my favorite home spot where sockets aren't available"


"the perfect candle replacement, obsessed with Solariko lamps!"


"Our kids bring them everywhere, specially when doing puzzles and drawings"


Joy of light.

Practical. Elegant. Unique.

It's all about Details

Touch our Metal logo button to turn on and off the lamp. A touch of luxury and elegance.

Original FunCovers®

Dress your lamps and match them with your interior with our patented FunCovers®. Become the director of the atmosphere of your place.

With Remote Control and Timer

Control your wall sconces using our remote control and set a specific time when you want them to turn off.